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Adding non-iGrafx (External) Files to a Repository

In addition to managing iGrafx documents and enterprise objects in a repository, non-iGrafx (External) files can also be stored and managed. This provides multiple user benefits:

  1. Information is easily shared throughout the organization
  2. Files access is controlled and change history maintained
  3. Repository objects and diagrams can reference non-iGrafx files and users can quickly navigate among them

To add External Files to a repository:

  1. In the repository tree, right-click the folder name where you wish to add the document. 
  2. Choose Add Child Object
  3. In the Select Type drop-down, choose External File and click CONTINUE
  4. Click CHOOSE FILE
  5. Navigate to the file on your hard drive, select it and click Open
  6. Specify additional options and properties as desired
  7. Click FINISH


  1. To add documents to the repository root folder, right-click the repository name to display the Add Child Object command:
  2. You can not add External Files to enterprise object folders (e.g. Strategies, Resources, Processes, etc.).
  3. You can not add iGrafx® (igx) documents to a repository via web browser. You must use a Client tool (e.g. iGrafx FlowCharter) to add .igx documents to a repository.  

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