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iGrafx Support Offerings

Basic Support versus Superior Technical Support feature comparison

If you would like additional details regarding Superior Technical Support please visit Superior Technical Support Offering Details. If you would like specific information, you can reach us by using the Contact form on our website.

Feature Description

Basic On-Premises Server and Desktop Client Support

Basic Cloud Support

Superior Technical Support^

Self-help resources support(tick)(tick)(tick)
Online ticket creation(tick)(tick)(tick)
Weekday Business Hour Phone support *

Mission critical response Severity Level 1 - 4 hrs, Severity Level 2 - 8 hrs

Development team escalation priority

Post-incident report requests for Severity Level 1 and 2 issues


 * Superior Technical Support on Weekdays: Phone support is available in the US from 6AM to 4PM US Pacific Time (UTC-8 & UTC-7 DST). Phone support is available in Europe from 10AM to 4PM Central European Time (UTC+1 & UTC+2 DST).

^  If not on a subscription, Maintenance must be current for all products in order to add Superior Technical Support to your offering, please read additional details, benefits, and requirements regarding Superior Technical Support by clicking on the following link; Superior Technical Support Offering Details

(Basic) Technical Support Includes the following topics, via online ticket creation and written electronic communication (ECHO system).

Superior Technical Support Key Benefits & Details
  • Includes all that is listed above for basic technical support.
  • Account-wide coverage - Superior Technical Support is an account wide service that covers all of your installed iGrafx products and iGrafx plug-ins.
  • Direct access and phone support from a dedicated senior support team - All Superior Technical Support tickets are handled and responded to by advanced senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to better aid customers with complex environments and mission critical needs. Phone support and daily/weekly conference calls are highly leveraged during critical issue resolution.
  • Development team priority - Higher priority queue placement is given to Superior Technical Support customers when issues have to be escalated through to our development organization for assistance or fixes.
  • Business hour phone support - Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Superior Technical Support customers and phones are covered to help you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you and to more quickly understand your issue without requiring you to wait for multiple ticket bounces.
  • Screen-sharing and collaboration phone calls - Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing session with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.
  • Other additional Superior Technical Support offerings - Find out what other offering and benefits come from Superior Technical Support by clicking on the following link; Superior Technical Support Offering Details.

Technical Support Does Not Include
  • Customers without a valid maintenance agreement
  • End of Life
  • Customized versions of iGrafx products (customized = original product code has been modified)
  • Development questions or requests.
  • Methodology questions and other questions that would require consulting
  • Product training
  • Support in languages other than English, German, Spanish or Japanese
  • Professional Services
    • System & Performance tuning
    • Deployment & Capacity Planning
    • Installation & Upgrade Services

      Need this kind of assistance? iGrafx Consultants can help!


Support Response SLA's

While iGrafx attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, issues that hurt our customers' production applications (i.e. Level 1, Level 2) take priority.  "Production" is defined as an instance of iGrafx software actively used by the customer's business users it does not include testing systems or production staging systems or environments. Note that iGrafx reserves the right to change the severity of an issue (for example if a customer were to report a misspelling as a level 1 issue).

The below SLAs apply to most of the iGrafx product suite however for specific exceptions and weekend coverage details please visit iGrafx Support Offerings.

Level of Severity

Description of Severity


Level 1 - Critical

Critical Business Impact: Critical issue occurring on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround.

  1. System hangs or crashes
  2. Critical functionality not available
  3. Data loss or data corruption
  4. Large number of end users blocked from work
  5. Impact is escalating quickly
8 hrs8 hrs4 hrs

Level 2 - Major

Significant Business Impact: Major issue occurring on production system severely impacting business. A large number of users are impacted by issue but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.

  1. Significant performance degradation
  2. Important functionality not available
  3. Small number of users blocked from work
  4. Impact is escalating
12 hrs12 hrs8 hrs

Level 3 - Medium

Normal Business Impact: Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production system. A small number of users are affected.

  1. Some system functions not available
  2. Minor performance degradation
  3. Small number of users impacted
  4. Impact is not escalating
16 hrs16 hrs12 hrs

Level 4 - Low

Minimal Business Impact: Issue occurring on non-production system, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue.

  1. Incorrect product behavior without impact
48 hrs48 hours48 hours

* Superior Technical Support can be added to both Server (Behind the Firewall) and Cloud products. For additional details on coverage and features of Superior Technical Support please go to Superior Technical Support Offering Details.

Supported Platforms

You can have confidence that our supported platforms are well tested and we will work to correct issues. iGrafx will not provide assistance with configuration in unsupported environments. View Specific Product Support Information

Fixing Bugs

  • iGrafx Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting
  • Critical bugs will generally be fixed in the next maintenance release
  • Non critical bugs will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations

Critical priority is defined as: "production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions." This includes security issues.

How we approach bug fixing

Maintenance (bug fix) releases come out more frequently than major releases, and attempt to target the most critical bugs affecting our customers. The notation for a maintenance release is the final number in the version (the 2 in 16.5.2, for example).

If a bug is critical (production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions) we'll fix it in the next maintenance release, provided that:

  • The fix is technically feasible (it doesn't require a major architectural change)
  • It doesn't impact the quality or integrity of the product

For non-critical bugs, the developer assigned to fixing bugs prioritizes the bug according to these factors:

  • How many of our supported configurations are affected by the problem
  • Whether there is an effective workaround or patch
  • How difficult the issue is to fix
  • Whether several bugs in one area can be fixed at one time

Developers responsible for fixing bugs also monitor comments on existing and new bugs, so you can comment to provide feedback if you need to. We give high priority to security issues.

When considering the priority of a non-critical bug, we try to determine a value score for a bug. The score takes into account the severity of the bug from our customers' perspective, how prevalent the bug is, and whether new features on our roadmap render the bug obsolete. Our developers combine the value score with a complexity score (how difficult the bug is) when selecting issues to work on.

End of Life Policy

iGrafx only supports the current major version of the software. 

Eligibility and Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers access to support and software product updates for the corresponding software license. Refer to the End User License Agreement for specific terms of agreement. After the active maintenance period expires, the software will continue to function, but you will no longer be able to access support or software updates (including security bug fixes).

Knowledge Prerequisites

Administering iGrafx products requires a baseline technical skill set, including but not limited to:

  • Comfort running SQL commands and installing a database. It's best if you have a good DBA for database troubleshooting and administration.
  • Comfort installing and maintaining production web technologies

Customers are responsible for administering and upgrading their own installations. iGrafx Support will provide guidance on how to do this, but we will not be able to provide step by step maintenance and installation. If you require further assistance with this level of implementation, please consider the following resources:

Help with Unsupported Issues


If you need additional help, contact one of our iGrafx Consultants (our 3rd party value added resellers) who offer a wide range of professional services, training, customizations and paid support. Our Team will also be able to help you with projects, where methodology expertise is needed. 


Third-Party Product Integration

iGrafx products interface with a variety of technologies. Front-end solutions like Web Servers (eg Apache HTTP Server), load balancers, single sign-on solutions (SSO), SSL certificates and LDAP repositories add functionality that is often critical to functioning of our products.

iGrafx will endeavor to provide documentation for integration with these 3rd party applications but does not provide support for 3rd party applications. We are unable to provide support when a failure in a 3rd party application occurs.

Databases and Application Servers

Servlet Containers and Databases are integral technologies; without them iGrafx products cannot function. We provide integration instructions for getting our products to work on supported platforms, but we do not support configurations that differ from the procedures described in our product documentation.


Customization and Development Requests

There are many ways to customize and extend our products. We provide COM and REST APIs to customize various aspects of the software. However, our support for use of these customization options is limited.

If you're working to extend or customize our products and encounter a problem, please contact our consultants.

SQL Queries
Modifying data

iGrafx does not support customers performing direct data manipulation of application databases via queries such as INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE, as they can easily lead to data integrity problems. If iGrafx encounters manipulation or customizations at this level, we may ask customers to restore data from their last known working state, or to engage an Expert to help recover their instance to a supportable state. If you are confident your UPDATE or INSERT is safe and your change management system is reliable, refer to the specific product's database documentation.

Fixing problems

In the event that there are data integrity problems due to defects in a product, iGrafx will provide workarounds or solutions to these problems that may involve SQL queries. We use SQL-based solutions as a last resort.

Deployment Planning Activity

Planning for rolling out our products or capacity planning for large instances is better suited for service offerings than iGrafx Support. We will refer this kind of activity to our partner network. This includes establishing specific upgrade and deployment plans for existing installations.

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