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Superior Technical Support Offering Details

Superior Technical Support Overview

Superior Technical Support is a dedicated global team of Senior Support Engineers and Enterprise Managers committed to delivering higher SLAs, faster triage, faster resolutions, as well as engaging customers with new service touch points to improve customer experience, system availability, and system performance for our business-critical Enterprise customers.

Superior Technical Support Detailed Features

Development Escalation Priority & Coordination

Priority placement in the development escalation queue ensures your issues are triaged more quickly by our developers and product teams when escalated.  This is important when issues require product team engagement and gives Superior Technical Support customers higher priority and service levels to ensure more timely root-cause analysis and next steps.  In addition, Superior Technical Support has dedicated resources that help manage and coordinate escalations through the various product teams within iGrafx. 

Screen Shares & Conference Calls

Our team utilizes phone calls, screen shares, and team sync meetings to solve issues faster by ensuring precious time and context is not lost when critical issues arise.

Severity Response Times

Response times are based on incident severity:

While iGrafx attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, issues that hurt our customers' production applications (i.e. Level 1, Level 2) take priority.  "Production" is defined as an instance of iGrafx software actively used by the customer's business users - it does not include testing systems or production staging systems or environments.

The below SLAs apply to most of the iGrafx product suite however for specific exceptions and weekend coverage details please visit iGrafx Support Offerings.

Level of Severity

Description of Severity


Level 1 - Critical

Critical Business Impact: Critical issue occurring on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround.

  1. System hangs or crashes
  2. Critical functionality not available
  3. Data loss or data corruption
  4. Large number of end users blocked from work
  5. Impact is escalating quickly
8 hrs8 hrs4 hrs

Level 2 - Major

Significant Business Impact: Major issue occurring on production system severely impacting business. A large number of users are impacted by issue but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.

  1. Significant performance degradation
  2. Important functionality not available
  3. Small number of users blocked from work
  4. Impact is escalating
12 hrs12 hrs8 hrs

Level 3 - Medium

Normal Business Impact: Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production system. A small number of users are affected.

  1. Some system functions not available
  2. Minor performance degradation
  3. Small number of users impacted
  4. Impact is not escalating
16 hrs16 hrs12 hrs

Level 4 - Low

Minimal Business Impact: Issue occurring on non-production system, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue.

  1. Incorrect product behavior without impact
48 hrs48 hours48 hours

* Superior Technical Support can be added to both Server (Behind the Firewall) and Cloud products. 

Terms & Conditions


There are three requirements for Superior Technical Support eligibility:

  1. Named Contacts - Superior Technical Support requests must be filed by one of the specified named contacts. The specified contact can be a contractor or consultant, but must have an email address with the company domain name.  Named contacts must be individuals and can not be group or shared email addresses that are sent or received by more than one physical person.  Up to five named contacts may be specified.  Please also see "Limitations for Support" section below for additional details regarding iGrafx Partner participation in the Superior Technical Support service.
  2. Current on Maintenance and License - Instances identified for Superior Technical Support must also have up-to-date basic support maintenance. To co-term all your licenses to synchronize their dates, please contact us
  3. Provide Timely Requested Information and Logs - In order for Superior Technical Support to truly be successful it is important that we receive the right information quickly to drive root cause analysis and overall resolution.  When an account signs-up for Superior Technical Support it is important that the proper expectations get set internally regarding information sharing requirements for this service.  The Superior Technical Support service model assumes customers will provide our team with information requested in a timely, consistent, and well structured manner (Requested information includes but is not limited to configuration files, access log files, heap dumps, thread dumps, GC logs, anonymized DB backups, etc.) . Our goal is to create a better working partnership between iGrafx and Superior Technical Support accounts, which requires the right information be provided, so we can more quickly target our team's efforts in solving the problems our customers are experiencing. 

Limitations for Superior Technical Support

Superior Technical Support does not include:

  • Support for users other than the designated contacts.
  • Support for instances of iGrafx products without a valid maintenance agreement. 
  • Customized versions of iGrafx products (customized = original product code has been modified)
  • Support for 3rd party vendor add-ons
  • End of Life, Beta, Release Candidate or Development releases
  • Development only questions or requests. Please seek out our professional services with our iGrafx Consultants.
  • Feature requests, bug requests, or additional commitments from the product or development teams.
  • Questions about third-party application integrations or third-party plugins
  • Product training
  • Remote Administration
  • Technical Account Management

Additional Policies and Agreements

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