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Desktop Client: How do I convert an iGrafx file into a Visio file? (Not possible; use publish)

iGrafx does not support the conversion of the iGrafx file format into the Visio file format. Visio is a diagramming tool, while iGrafx is a diagramming, behavioral modeling, and simulation tool. A conversion from iGrafx to Visio would cause loss of data.

For Your Information, iGrafx is able to open a Visio file. Please see the Desktop Client: Can iGrafx open a Visio File and simulate it? solution in our knowledge base on opening Visio files in iGrafx for more information.

If you need to get your iGrafx file into a format that those that do not have iGrafx can see, please see the solution in our knowledge base titled Desktop Client: How do I share my data (via Print, Publish, Export, etc.) with people who do not have the iGrafx client? There are many options to display the information in iGrafx to those who do not have an iGrafx license.

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