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Web Address

Web Address objects enable efficient management of links from the iGrafx Platform to non-iGrafx web pages or tools.

For example, your benefits provider might be referenced (as a URL) from multiple enterprise objects and process diagram shapes.  If the benefits provider changes, you must locate all the links and update them individually. To avoid this problem:           

  1. Create a Web Address repository object containing the URL to your benefits provider
  2. Refer to the Web Address object from repository objects and diagrams.

If you change your benefits provider, update a single URL in the Web Address object. There’s no need to update all the references.

Web Address objects can only be created with your browser. They can't be created with a Client (e.g. FlowCharter) tool.

A Collaborator, Designer or Architect license (or equivalent User Extensions) is required to create and edit Web Address objects.

To create a Web Address in the Platform:

  1. In the repository tree, right-click the folder name where you wish to add the Web Address. 

    You can't add a Web Address to an enterprise object folder (e.g. Resources, Reports, etc.)

  2. Choose Add Child Object
  3. In the Select Type drop-down, choose Web Address
  4. Enter a Name (this will be the text displayed by the reference)
  5. Enter a URL
  6. Optionally enter a Summary
  7. Complete the form and click FINISH 

To Create a Client Web Address Link with a Client Tool

  1. Open an iGrafx document with a Client (e.g. iGrafx FlowCharter)
  2. Select any shape or text element in a diagram that can have a link
  3. Choose the Insert menu (Standard toolbar) and then choose Link
  4. In the left frame, choose Repository Link 
  5. Using the Repository Tree, navigate to the location of the applicable Web Address object and select it
  6. Click OK

To Navigate a Client Web Address Link with a Client Tool

  1. Right-mouse click the diagram element with a Web Address link and select the option from the bottom of the context menu 

To Navigate a Client Web Address Link with a Browser 

  1. Navigate the repository tree and select the diagram object
  2. If the diagram is not displayed in the right frame, click VIEW DIAGRAM
  3. Click the shape or text linked to the Web Address
  4. The destination URL page is displayed

To Create Web Address Link on a Web Diagram Shape

  1. Right-click a diagram shape and choose Add Link to Shape
  2. Leave Repository Object selected in the Link To drop-down
  3. Click CONTINUE
  4. In the Path field, you can:
    1. Type the name of an existing Web Address in the Search field and select it when found
    2. Click the Search button 
      and select a Web Address object
    3. Click the Show Tree switch, expand folders, and select a Web Address object
  5. Click FINISH

To Navigate to the Web Address

  1. View the diagram with your browser
  2. Click the link icon
     adjacent to the shape with the Web Address link
  3. Click the name of the Web Address object
  4. Click FOLLOW LINK to navigate to the Web Address URL or click OPEN OBJECT to navigate to the repository object

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