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Installation: Optional Steps

As an option, iGrafx may make extensions packages available to provide extra functionality to the iGrafx platform. One such package contains the Google Analytics extensions that allow iGrafx to gather anonymous utilization and performance statistics. These statistics don't contain any personal user information or content data; iGrafx uses the collected statistics to improve the user experience and performance of the application.

To install an extensions package, do the following:

  1. Download the extension package from the iGrafx Licensed Software Download page:
  2. Extract the contents and place the \extensions folder in the basedirectory folder. The resulting folder structure will look like this: ../igrafxdata/extensions/ga/ or /var/igrafx/icedata/extensions/ga.
  3. Restart the service to activate the changes.

The extensions folder may contain customizations developed specifically for you, or optional features that iGrafx provides outside of the standard installation package.

For more information, please contact your account manager or professional services contact.

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