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I did not get my eval access information / license key

What did you want to evaluate?

We only offer online trials for our iGrafx Platform. We do not offer trials for the desktop client expert analysis tools (FlowCharter, Process, Process for Six Sigma).

If you are evaluating the Platform, you get an e-mail from us with a URL, username and password to access our evaluation system.

You did not get the answer mail. What now?

These are the most common reasons:

There was a typo in the e-mail address

Please double check that the entered e-mail address was correct.

Your e-mail address was not confirmed.

We send a confirmation to the e-mail you've provided (double check your junk, spam and quarantine folders). Once confirmation has taken place, the process to create your evaluation is initiated and triggers the next step.

Maybe you wanted a Desktop Client trial, but instead downloaded software from our licensed software download page.

Users with licensed software already have a license key. The e-mail we send does not include any license keys. We do not offer trial keys for the desktop client.

If none of the suggestions above apply, feel free to contact us through our Service Desk.

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