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With version 18+, we added the ability to automatically show the DiagramID-ShapeID as a field above all shapes in the diagram. This requires the New Display fields UX early access Feature flag to be enabled.

Early Access provides an opportunity to explore our latest features before they are released to the world! These features are still in-development, so we would love your feedback.

Instructions for enabling Early Access Features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings
  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab
  3. Toggle the Early Access features that you would like to enable

Enabling the field

With nothing selected in the diagram, open up the display fields panel. You will see a new option for "DiagramID-ShapeID" located at the bottom of the list. Checking the box will enable the field.

When the field will show

DiagramID-ShapeID fields only apply to activity-type shapes.  Any existing activity shapes in the diagram will get the field added to them once the field is enabled.

Call activities will show just the label or nothing if they don't call another diagram. If they do call another diagram it will just show the diagramID of the called diagram.

Any new shapes added to the diagram will get the field automatically added to them once dropped into the diagram.

If you copy a shape, the field will be applied to the new shape and the shape number will automatically be updated.


Similar to other fields, DiagramID-ShapeID can be configured. With nothing selected in the diagram, open up the display fields panel, click Configure, and select DiagramID-ShapeID. In the configuration section, you can see that the configuration is limited to its placement and turning off the label. Indicator and "Show items with no data" toggles are disabled, which is noted by the "x" in the toggle and the hover over stating "unavailable".

The field can be placed around the shape using the placement table located in the configuration section. This is done by selecting the field in the panel and clicking one of the placement dots. It uses the same placement locations as the other fields.

You can turn the label off by selecting the field and toggling the "Show Label" to the off position. It can be turned back on again by selecting the field again (if not already selected) and clicking the toggle again.


Just like other all-shape fields, the DiagramID-ShapeID can be merged into one field shape. This can be done by opening the display fields panel when nothing is selected in the diagram. Select two or more fields in the panel and click on a placement dot. This will move the fields into the same location one above the other.

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