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Desktop Client: Why is the Repositories Share Into Active Document menu item not available?

The Repositories Item menu 'Share Into Active Document' command may be grayed (greyed) out, or not available, for the following reasons:

  1. You have not selected a diagram within an iGrafx document to share into the currently checked-out file. In other words, you must both have a document checked-out of the repository, and also a diagram (not a document or .igx file, but a diagram within that file) selected in the repository tree, in order to perform the sharing.
  2. You have upgraded your repository from a prior version of iGrafx, and have not yet updated the version of the document to be shared. In other words, you must first check out and then check in the document with the diagram to be shared into another document in order for the share to work. [Note: Starting with iGrafx 2011, a prior version's file can be shared into the currently checked-out document.]

Note: The 'Share Into Active Document' command is designed to help you create a single simulatable file from several separate files. If you simply want to link files together for navigation purposes, you should insert a link from a shape to a diagram in another file (select the shape, and from the Insert menu, choose Link). Please see our article on Desktop Client: How do I share simulation modeling information between iGrafx files? for more information.

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