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Desktop Client: Why does the Generators dialog box External Data not show any data after Browse?


After opening an Excel file to read external data for a Generator, your data may not be read in, and you may see empty columns or rows where data should be shown. In other words, after you check the "Get Attribute data from external source" option on the External Data tab of the Generator, click the Browse button, and browse to and open a file with data in it, the data does not seem to be read in.

Potential Cause and Solution:

The data may not be able to be read properly by iGrafx. For example, some formats of data -- particularly Time data-- may cause the Excel functions iGrafx uses to read data to become confused. We recommend that you select any columns of data that could be a number for your purposes, particularly Time data, and format them as a Number in Excel. For more information on ensuring your data is read in as desired, please see the knowledge base article Desktop Client: How do I ensure my external Excel data is read correctly by a simulation Generator? .

If you are seeing your data, but do not see all the rows of data you expect, please note that the Generator will only show the first 500 rows of data from a spreadsheet, but all the data that can be read in will be available.

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