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Desktop Client: Process for Six Sigma "Unexpected error, quitting" error with Minitab on some operating systems

This article applies to the iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Client tool.

On some operating system configurations (e.g. Windows Vista or Windows 7), using iGrafx Process for Six Sigma functions (e.g. RapiDOE, Fit Data, Log Transactions) with Minitab may result in the error “Unexpected error; quitting” in the iGrafx application. You may also receive 'Server Busy' type errors as well. The 'unexpected error' message can be corrected with the following steps:

  1. Close your iGrafx application if it is open.
  2. Open the folder where your iGrafx is installed; e.g. the “C:\Program Files\iGrafx\Pro\16.0” directory.
  3. Right click on the igxMTB.exe file and select “Run as Administrator”. You must be an administrator on the machine with iGrafx installed to do this.
  4. Restart the iGrafx application; functions with Minitab should now work as expected.

Running the steps above should resolve the problem. Once you have performed the steps above, if they do resolve the problem, you should not have to run them again; the steps will have fixed the underlying problem.

If the steps above do not resolve the problem for some reason, you may also need to start iGrafx as an administrator. For example, go to the Windows Start menu, choose Programs, then iGrafx, then when over Process for Six Sigma right-click and choose 'Run as Administrator'. You may only need to do so once, but if you have problems on subsequent runs, you may want to try running the program as an administrator again.

You may also want to see our Knowledge Base article titled "Client Action cannot be completed Server Busy message when using RapiDOE or Fit Data (Minitab)

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