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Desktop Client: Action cannot be completed Server Busy message when using RapiDOE or Fit Data (Minitab)

This article applies to the iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Desktop Client

If iGrafx is waiting for the communication channel with the statistical package (i.e. Minitab) to be opened when running Fit Data or RapiDOE, you may receive a "Server Busy" message that indicates the action cannot be completed, and to either Switch To the application or to Retry.

We recommend you wait until it appears that the statistical package is done starting, and then click the Retry button. You may have to click Retry more than once (again, waiting at least a few seconds each time) in order for the communication channel between iGrafx and the statistical application to be established.

For example: In iGrafx, from the Six Sigma menu you chose the RapiDOE command, and then clicked OK after setting up your experiment. If Minitab was not yet running, iGrafx will try to start it. While iGrafx is waiting, you may get the Server Busy message.

If you have clicked Retry several times, however, after waiting a few (10+) seconds between each click, then there is a problem with the communication between iGrafx and Minitab. You may have to do one of the following:

Ensure the igxmtb.exe application is running properly:

  1. Exit out of iGrafx and/or Minitab and try again
  2. Use the Task Manager to end the igxmtb.exe process (Right-click on your clock and choose Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, click on igxmtb.exe, click End Process, and confirm you want to do this).
  3. Use the Task Manager to end the iGrafx process, saving any work before ending the iGrafx (flow.exe) process.
  4. If the above doesn't work, re-starting (rebooting) the machine may fix the communication problem between iGrafx and Minitab.

Ensure that the igxmtb.exe application is properly registered with the operating system. Please see our article titled Process for Six Sigma "Unexpected error, quitting" error with Minitab on some operating systems for more details (In summary: Right-click on the igxmtb.exe file and choose 'Run as Administrator'). This is particularly important for iGrafx 2009 and prior running on Windows Vista or later (e.g. Windows 7) operating systems.

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