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Desktop Client: Disappearing (Hidden) Org Chart Builder, Data Editor, Note, Properties, or other windows


It may seem like the Orgchart editor dialog boxes or other windows are not displaying when you ask them to. For example, when you open a new OrgChart document, the Builder or Data Editor dialog boxes do not show, and when you choose them from the OrgChart menu, it may seem like nothing happens and no window appears.

Windows other than OrgCharter may also seem to not appear. For example, when you go to the View menu and choose Note (or press the F6 key), display the Properties of a shape, or even go to view any window that may be 'docked' or floating.

These windows may be viewed, but off screen; i.e. not visible. This can happen if the resolution of the screen is changed from one working session to the next, or if you have extended your desktop display to multiple monitors. As an example, working with a high screen resolution device (e.g. with laptop hooked up to a projector) then later working at normal resolution may cause the 'last position' of the one or both of the windows to be off screen.


One solution for windows other than OrgCharter dialog boxes, is to reset your window layout. From the View menu, choose More Windows, and then Reset Window Layout. This will likely reset the window positions to the default layout provided when iGrafx was first installed, and should resolve the problem.

If that solution does NOT work, you cannot view the OrgCharter dialog box windows, or you have a version older than iGrafx 2009, you may want to consider the following solutions:

Switch your screen to the higher resolution to find the window, move the window to a central position on the screen (or to your main screen instead of an extended display), and then switch back to the normal resolution -- the windows should be now visible.

If you are already at the highest resolution, or the above suggestion doesn't work (e.g. because you had multiple monitors and do not currently), then we recommend that you run a repair install on your iGrafx installation. Please see "How do I repair my installation of iGrafx?" in our Knowledge Base.

If the repair install does not help, please uninstall and re-install iGrafx, as this will reset all registry keys and return iGrafx to its default configuration.

FOR ADVANCED USERS: If you are comfortable editing your registry, which we caution you to backup before any edits and be extremely careful if you do edit your registry, there may be a set of registry keys at HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/iGrafx/Flowcharter that you can delete to reset your iGrafx software without having to uninstall and reinstall. You may, however, need to have 'Administrator' type permissions to edit the registry, and an uninstall/reinstall is safer and strongly encouraged instead of editing the registry.

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