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24.03.27 Identity Management Updates

As the Director of Cloud Operations, I oversee our cloud deployment strategy for iGrafx services and ensure they continue to run smoothly and am very passionate about various cloud technologies. One area our team has been focusing on is identity management. Creating a modern secure way to connect and communicate with our product suite. Thanks for taking the time to read about our exciting upcoming changes.


The iGrafx product suite has had robust identity and role management for years, allowing customers the flexibility to log in using their preferred identity management and granting roles to users. As iGrafx looks to the future, we find that changes are needed to support the next generation of products and integrations. We will be working closely with support to transition to this identity management that will enable better and more seamless integrations with the iGrafx product suite.

What does this mean for you, the customer? 

Administration portal

During the transition, you will be granted access to a new administration portal to unify the user access process for products and users. More details and training will be available.

Some things to note:

  • Single login experience for all products such as mining, design

  • API Access will soon support JWT client access for better integrations

  • Existing API Keys generated for Process Design will continue to work

  • MFA will soon be supported for non-SAML accounts

  • For non-SAML accounts, users will be able to reset their own password

  • During the migration, all form-based (non-SAML) users will need to reset their password

Some capabilities that will be changing:

  • iGrafx will require usernames to be emails

  • API Access for Process Design will begin deprecating basic authentication

  • The iGrafx Desktop client login process will change

  • Administrators can no longer set passwords rather, they can send reset password emails

  • IGrafx will now manage local user password policies

  • Login pages and invite emails will all be iGrafx branded, and there will not be an option to configure custom branded login logos. This applies to all existing and new login pages.

Technical Details

If you are a customer technical administrator, here are some technical details to help you transition to this new identity management.


Emails regarding identity management (password reset emails, password invite emails, etc.) will come from the following email addresses, and iGrafx highly suggests these are whitelisted for the best experience:


SAML Configuration

New Reply URLs will be needed for SAML configuration. When the changes are scheduled, your IT team can coordinate with Cloud Operations, the URLs will be one of the following:


iGrafx will strive to make this transition as seamless as possible. This will allow you to make integrations that connect with your processes more quickly and securely. We thank you for taking the time to make these important changes to support your future with iGrafx better.

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