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24.01.18 Doc.iGrafx.Com Updates is undergoing some renovation.

The first step is migrating to a new technology solution that enables us in our long-term objectives of having unified Process360 Live documentation, as opposed to the segmented Process Modeling documentation and separate Process Mining documentation. You may find the site has some improved navigation elements and is easier to search, and we hope your experience with our documentation is improved.

The second step involves simplifying our documentation. We made a strategic decision to move away from versioned documentation so the documentation is easier to maintain, which we expect will lead to better documentation over time.

The third step is cleanup. This is always desired to be a hidden step, so we hope you don’t see the mess that’s been created! In reality, there’s a lot to manage and I expect you’re going to see some exposed edges as we get the documentation nicely situated into the new platform in an un-versioned format. While the reason for temporary mess in our documentation doesn’t change the mess, the purpose of this blog is to give more transparency for where we are at and where we are going so I will provide an explanation. Our timeline for migrating to our new system was moved up by four weeks due to a high priority CVE that was found in our old system. Between potential exposure to a critical security vulnerability and having the documentation temporarily out of sorts we decided to focus on expediting effort to make the migration. We want to prioritize the things that are important to you. If there is something that is working improperly or appears to be broken for longer than you feel is appropriate let us know in an echo ticket so we can address those issues for you. We appreciate your help and patience during this exciting period to improve our documentation.

Fourth, we hope to have a period of refinement in our approach to documentation as we seek to simplify and focus on getting customers what they need. There are a lot of very low traffic pages in the documentation that simply clutter the experience. I’m not sure how long we’ll be in this step, though I expect it will take some time. Probably the rest of 2024, and maybe 2025.

Finally, as I look to the future, our documentation needs to represent our Product, Process360 Live, and align with the journey we expect our customers to go on with us. This means a re-thinking of our documentation to have a unified structure that accommodates Mining, Modeling, and any other step in the journey of Process Intelligence we enable.

Article Summary

  • Documentation is getting renovated and there may be some bumps along the way!

  • We're using new technology with a better user experience

  • Our documentation will be simplified

  • When there are bumps along the way let us know in an Echo ticket

  • Unified documentation for Process360 Live as a whole is the big picture goal

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