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Admin - Self-Service SAML Support

Self-Service SAML is now available for new customers. Self-Service SAML enables system administrators to configure SAML authentication options for SSO. Existing customers that want to use SAML Self-Service features will gradually see this authentication functionality roll out in future updates.


  • Only Server Role users with Manage User Directories permissions may modify SAML Self-Serve functionality

  • Customers that want SSO Only Authentication will need to contact Customer Support

Find more details on SAML Setup here.

Admin - E-mail Domain Allow List

Domain whitelisting for authentication is now available. This allows system administrators to only allow users from specified pre-approved domains to login, regardless of any other credentials a user may have.


  • Only Server Role users with Edit Server Settings permissions may modify e-mail domain allow list functionality

Dashboards - Open External Links within iFrames

External links may be opened within iFrames on Dashboards enabling users to view the contents of external links without having to open them in another browser window

Diagramming - BPMN Error Checking Rules Expansion

BPMN Diagrams with standalone event shapes that are not connected now generate a warning icon and message

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