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18.2.5 Cloud Release Highlights

Reporting - Diagram Comments

Reports now have a new Filter/Property that can be used to return information on diagram comments.

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View details on diagram comments in Reports:

  • Comment author
  • Comment content
  • Resolved status comment (true or false)
  • Number of open comments

Learn more about IQL properties here.

Diagram Tools - Format Painter

Copy line styles and shape colors to apply them to other shapes with the Format Painter.

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Set a line style and shape fill and use them for other diagram elements.

  • Easily give your diagram elements a uniform look and feel
  • Mouse cursor changes to a painting icon to indicate Painter mode is active
  • Exit the Painter mode by clicking the icon again, or simply selecting another tool/command

Diagram Compare - Zoom Controls

Zoom controls are now available in the Overlay when comparing diagram versions.

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  • Easily control the zoom level while using diagram compare
  • Zoom controls are conveniently located in the menu bar, as in the diagramming canvas view

Narrative Reports - Shape ID Toggle

Shape IDs can now be displayed in place of Shape Numbers in Narrative Reports.

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Internal Shape IDs can be used to identify your shapes in the Narrative report. 

  • Access the Shape ID toggle in the Shape section of Shape Narrative Report templates, or in the Shape List section of Process and SOP Narrative Report templates
  • Toggle the Shape ID on to have the report use the Shape ID instead of the Shape Number

Note: Shape ID and Shape Number do not have to be identical.

Visio - Visio Import Early Access

VSD and VSDX files can now be imported and converted to iGrafx IGXW diagrams as an Early Access feature.

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Visio Import Early Access

Early Access provides an opportunity to explore our latest features before they are released to the world! These features are still in-development, so we would love your feedback.

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings
  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab
  3. Toggle the Early Access features that you would like to enable

With the Visio import diagrams feature enabled, you can consolidate work and convert your Visio diagrams to IGXW.

  • Upload Visio files as External Files
  • Import one file or multiple files and configure them on import
  • Continue to use the platform while the import job runs in the background (notification when done)

Learn more about importing Visio diagrams here

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