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Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin displays objects that have been deleted and allows a user to choose an object(s) to restore.

Users will only see the objects they have deleted, unless they have 'View All Deleted Objects' repository permission.

Deleted objects are stored indefinitely in the Recycle Bin unless they are permanently deleted by a user with 'View All Deleted Objects' repository permission.

(info) When deleting a parent with children, only the parent will be displayed in the recycle bin. Restoring the parent will restore its children.

Restoring an Object(s)

Click the Application icon

 in the upper left of the iGrafx Platform and then click Recycle Bin.

When you view the recycling bin, the objects will be displayed in chronological order starting with the most recently deleted object.

Permanent Deletion

Users with the 'View All Deleted Objects' repository permission can delete ALL objects in the Recycle Bin to permanently remove those objects.


Licensing Information

Any user with access to a repository and a Collaborator, Designer, or Architect license can view the Recycle Bin area. Users can only see the objects they have deleted unless they have the 'View All Deleted Objects' repository permission. If they have this permission, they can see objects deleted by anyone, including which user deleted the object.

Current Limitations on Restoring Objects

Currently, there are some limitations on the deleting and restoring of objects:

  • Shortcuts can not be restored. If a shortcut is deleted, it is permanently deleted.
  • Any cycle running on an object that is deleted will be permanently deleted, even if the object is restored (this includes scheduled cycles).
  • Objects whose parent does not exist anymore can not be restored. This is indicated by a grayed out row in the Recycle Bin table and the inability to check the checkbox next to said object. A tooltip explaining this is present if a user hovers over the un-restorable object in the recycle bin.

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