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Process for Six Sigma Interaction Changes with Minitab 19

Applicable Versions17.7.1.1276 and newer

Based on changes with Minitab 19 at the coding integration level, Process for Six Sigma’s interaction with Minitab 19 has changed. In particular, it is no longer possible to connect to an already running instance of Minitab 19. If you are working in Minitab 19 already (including starting Minitab from a Minitab file embedded in an iGrafx document), and use iGrafx Six Sigma menu functionality to exchange data with Minitab, iGrafx will not be able to exchange data with that already-running instance. iGrafx will now always start a new instance. Ensure you have the data you want in the new instance that iGrafx starts; e.g. by copy-pasting sheets to that new instance of Minitab that iGrafx started.

In addition, as Minitab no longer maintains version to version API compatibility (something supported until version 17), it’s probable that any future major release of Minitab (e.g. Minitab 20 if/when it releases) will break the integration iGrafx has made, and you will have to wait for iGrafx to update for specific changes to Minitab before you can use any new version. This also means that the version of iGrafx will be specific to the version of Minitab; you will no longer be able to use prior versions of Minitab with some versions of iGrafx. iGrafx strongly recommends that you test any new release of Minitab with your current version of iGrafx to ensure it works before upgrading the version of Minitab on all of your installed machines.

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