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Named Cycle Group

The iGrafx Platform has multiple types of "Groups":

  • Cycle Group: A collection of users, cycle groups and user groups who review, approve, endorse and acknowledge repository documents.
    • Custom Cycle Group: A Cycle Group defined for an individual repository documents.
    • Named Cycle Group: A Cycle Group saved in the Platform Repository Configuration area for reuse.
  • User Group: Collections of Platform users saved in the Platform Administration Area, User Management page. User Groups can be created via synchronization with directory services. These groups, likes users are assigned Roles and Licenses to define their platform capabilities. For details, see the Managing Users and Groups topic.

There are two methods for creating a Named Cycle Group:

  1. Convert a Custom Cycle Group to Named Cycle Group – see below
  2. Create a Named Cycle Group in the Repository Configuration Area, Cycle Groups Page – For details, see the Managing Repository Cycle Groups topic

Convert Custom Cycle Group to Named Cycle Group

In this topic, you learned how to create a Custom Cycle Group to perform a Review, Approval, Endorsement or Acknowledgement cycle on a specific repository item.  This page describes how to convert a Custom Cycle Group to a Named Cycle Group stored in the repository and made available for reuse on any repository item that can go through a cycle.

 To create Named Cycle Groups, your Administrator must assign you a repository role that grants you the Manage Repository permission.  

Create a Named Cycle Group from a Custom Cycle Group:

  1. Select an item via the Repository tree
  2. Choose the MANAGE CYCLES tab
  3. Click the type of cycle (Review, Approval, Endorsement or Acknowledgement) containing the Custom Cycle Group you wish to name
  4. Under “Cycle Group” heading, the "Current Cycle Group", must be set to Custom Cycle Group as shown here:

  5. If not, then create a Custom Cycle Group documented in the Managing Approve, Review, Endorse and Acknowledge Cycles topic.
  6. Click CHANGE 
  8. In the “Group Name’ box, enter a descriptive name for the group and click the CREATE NAMED CYCLE GROUP 

The Named Cycle Group is now available in the "Select Cycle Group" for all users from the drop-down for any cycle type. 

Cycle Group Memberships

You can view a list of Cycle Groups that you are a member of. For details, see the My Profile topic, Cycle Group Memberships Tab section.

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