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How to download Excel list report data without having to run the report in the browser first

Due to limitations of data display within browsers, large reports may not be able to be run within the platform. The Download Data  button however does not become available until the report has run. This workaround allows downloading the data without running the report itself.

  1. Design your report in the iGrafx Platform

  2. Build the following JSON structure based on your Filter , Properties  and Approved Version  checkbox

    {"filters":"type=ObjectType.DOCUMENT and endorsed=false","properties":"owner, folderName, modifyDate","version":"LATEST"}

    Make sure to escape double-quotes in the filter with a backslash (i.e. "  becomes \" ) and to not use any line breaks in the resulting JSON. If you check the Approved Version  checkbox in your report definition, change the version JSON property from LATEST  to APPROVED 

  3. Go to (or use your browser console and the encodeURI  command) and encode your string in one single line. The result will look something like this, with all special characters replaced with %?? 

  4. Log in to the platform in which you want to run download the report results
  5. Enter the following URL into your browser address bar. Make sure to replace %YOUR_PLATFORM_URL%  with your platform address, %REPOSITORY%  with your repository shortname and the filter parameter %REPORT_CONFIG%  with the string from step 3

  6. Press Enter  and wait for your XLSX file to download
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