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Desktop Client: Why aren't my transactions staying batched?

This article applies to iGrafx Process and iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Client tools

A batch is a temporary collection of transactions into a set, like holding them in a basket. You can 'unbatch' the collection, or empty the basket, at any step after the batch has occurred. If you have not explicitly unbatched the collection, when the batch transaction-- the basket that represents the set of transactions collected-- reaches the end of a process (or subprocess), iGrafx will force the batch collection to be 'unbatched', emptying the basket and restoring the transactions to their individual identities instead of being in a batch.

If you want the transactions to to be batched at the end of a subprocess, you must re-batch them in the parent process.

The attached iGrafx 2015 file (which will also open in iGrafx Origins) does a batch/unbatch/re-batch/unbatch type of operation. It uses grouping to mark transactions for batching and re-batching. It also uses attributes to help you keep track of which batch is which. The file does have notes and other documentation in it to help you self-teach. We hope this is helpful.

Batch Unbatch Rebatch By Group (iGx2015 format).igx

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