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Desktop Client: Why aren't my IDEF0 ICOM codes consistent throughout the hierarchy?

This article applies to the iGrafx IDEF0 Client

In iGrafx IDEF0, you have the option to “Show  ICOM Codes” (e.g. C1, C2, and C3 for controls) in the model properties dialog. From the IDEF0 menu, choose Model Properties, and then on the Model tab check the Show ICOM Codes option.

The IDEF0 standard specifies that the ICOM codes match the order (from top and left) of the lines drawn into the parent shape at the level above the current one. So the numbering will not be consistent throughout all levels of the IDEF0 diagram.

For example, a control arrow called 'My Control' is the 4th from left on a parent shape at the A-0 level, so it will be numbered fourth (e.g. C4) on the A0 detailed diagram (child diagram); regardless of the order the lines are drawn in the A0 diagram. However, if the 'My Control' connector ICOM line is drawn as the 7th from the left into the A1 shape (the top-left shape in the A0 diagram), then the A1 diagram (the detailed diagram linked to by the A1 shape) will list the same control as C7, since it was listed 7th (from left-to-right) in its parent.

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