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Desktop Client: What versions of Minitab work with which versions of iGrafx?

This article applies to the iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Client tool

In general, the interoperability between iGrafx and Minitab when using the Six Sigma menu will work as long as the following conditions exist:

Minitab Version*Minimum iGrafx Desktop Client version
21, 2017.8
17 +, 16, 15.1, 14.215.2.x, 16.x, 17.x

Please note that the Chinese version of Minitab is not supported by any version of iGrafx.

* Note that Minitab 17 and later prohibits High/Low Factors of the same value.  Usage of the same values results in a “Numeric factors must have at least two levels” error.

+ iGrafx 2015 version 15.2.3 or later is required for Minitab version 17.2 or later

The iGrafx 2013 (v15) and prior releases are no longer supported.  iGrafx 2013 (v15), iGrafx 2011 (v14) and iGrafx 2009 (v13) support the latest versions of Minitab 16, 15.1 or 14.2.  

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