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Desktop Client: What kind of analysis can I do with FlowCharter? What is the Model menu for?

iGrafx FlowCharter is designed for visual analysis; you need iGrafx Process or above (e.g. iGrafx Process for Six Sigma) in order to run discrete event simulation analysis.

As examples of visual analysis available in FlowCharter, in the View menu you may use the Value Class command to color boxes with value classifications such as Non-Value-Add (NVA, or what Lean calls "muda"), Business-Value-Add (BVA) or Value-Add (VA).

You may also, of course, use FlowCharter to draw a diagram (a picture or Flow Chart) of the process that people can look at to agree (or disagree) on what the process does and how it might be changed.

The commands in the Model menu set up for simulation: How long simulation will run, where to record simulation results, how many transactions arrive, what resources are available, what schedules are used, etc. In order to get use from the Model menu commands, you must have iGrafx Process or Process for Six Sigma, so that you may run discrete event simulation. The idea of having the Model menu in FlowCharter is to allow someone to see the simulation setup, or even to modify it, so that someone else (e.g. with Process for Six Sigma) may run simulation. 

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