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Desktop Client: Using Templates in iGrafx IDEF0

This article applies to the iGrafx IDEF0 Client

iGrafx IDEF0 templates are not handled in the same way as the other iGrafx diagram types.

  • IDEF0 templates must be created FROM EXISTING IDEF0 templates where iGrafx is installed; e.g. in the C:\Program Files(x86)\iGrafx\Pro\<version>\Template\<language>\IDEF0 directory.
  • Embedded in the IDEF0 template is the information necessary to set the numbering correctly, as well as many other settings you may control.
  • Further, once duplicated, only limited things can be changed.  For example, you can’t add text, shapes, or ICOMS as part of the template.  The help will describe what you can do in a template.
  • Lastly, to use an IDEF0 Template, you must specify it when going through the IDEF0 wizard at initial creation; look at the page “Select Template”.

Due to the specialist nature of iDEF0, there is no way to pre-populate fields.

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