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Desktop Client: The Weibull distributions in iGrafx

Distributions can be added to a model with any iGrafx Client. Only iGrafx Process and iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Client tools can simulate the distributions.

iGrafx provides two different Weibull distribution functions: WeibullDist and WeibullStdDist.

The WeibullStdDist uses shape and scale, and is the recommended function. The function call is WeibullStdDist(Shape, Scale), which is a widely used form.

iGrafx also provides the WeibullDist(A, B) if you prefer to use this function, or have an old (prior to iGrafx 2003 or version 9) file, the following is a short explanation on how it is used:

    WeibullDist(A, B), where B = Shape and A = 1 / (Scale ^ Shape).

For example, WeibullDist(5, 2) means the shape is 2 and scale is 0.44721; Calculated from 5 = 1 / (Scale ^ 2). Therefore, WeibullDist(5, 2) is WeibullStdDist(2, 0.44721).

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