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Desktop Client: The Spell checker is grayed out and not available for some users (not admins)

If your Spell-checking functionality in iGrafx is grayed out, it could be because the software was not installed in such a way to allow you to have your own 'User Dictionary' file that you can read and write. To check, and correct, this do the following:

  1. Start iGrafx as the user w/the problem
  2. Go to the Tools menu, and choose Options
  3. Click on the Spelling tab
  4. Set the 'User Dictionary' field to the proper file for the user (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\non-admin-user\Application Data\iGrafx\Speller\userdic.tlx). If necessary, copy the userdic.tlx from the folder for a user that does have a tlx file in Application Data; ensuring the user has rights to read/write it.

If that doesn't work (i.e. worst-case), try a repair install (or uninstall/re-install) running under the user's account, ensuring the install is executed as an Administrator, and that the option for ALL users is chosen, as that should fix the issue.

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