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Desktop Client: The shape palette on the right of my screen is gone; how do I get it back?

From the View menu, choose Shape Palettes. This will display either display a 'Gallery' collection of windows for Shape Palettes, Formatting, and Themes, or simply the Shape Palettes window.

If there are no shape palettes shown when you view the Gallery, then you may need to open a palette. To open a palette:

  1. Click the View > Shape Palettes command
  2. Click the View > More windows > Reset Window Layout. This will reset all windows to their default location.
  3. Click the F9 key to displays the Shape Palette dialog box. In the dialog box, navigate to the palette you want and double-click on it to open it (or select it and click OK).

Please note that the shape palettes can be associated w/a document (file) vs. the iGrafx application itself. If a palette is associated with the document, then it will not reopen automatically when you close and restart iGrafx. If you run iGrafx, open a document, open a palette, and then close iGrafx, the palette that was opened while the document was open will not return. If you close all open documents, and then open a palette, it will be associated with iGrafx and not a document.

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