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Desktop Client: Text in displayed Notes field or in Activity shapes does not wrap

Problem: Text in displayed in a Notes field or in shapes does not wrap, but instead appears as a single string of text.

Cause: This issue will typically occur when there is no default printer assigned to the computer or the default printer is not properly configured.  This can be confirmed by simply clicking the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar (or from the File menu) in iGrafx.  If there is no default printer defined, the view will not change. 

Solution: To fix this issue, you need to close iGrafx and set your default printer through the Windows Control Panel. Once you have set a Default printer for your computer, re-open iGrafx and your file. The text should now appear as desired. If you select Print Preview from the toolbar or file menu, you view should also shift to a preview of the file you are about to send to the printer.

Why is the text spilling outside of my shape edges?

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