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Desktop Client: Publishing vs. Copy and Paste

iGrafx offers several techniques for publishing process files to external formats including PDF (requires Adobe Reader), MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or other Web formats.  These options are discussed in other KB articles, as well as the Help system included with the iGrafx application.  Please consult these resources for strategy and information related to accomplishing your publication objectives.

While publication is the superior method of moving igx file information into other applications, if you desire to copy and paste, there is a technique we recommend. When pasting into the target application do an Edit > Paste Special and choose Picture (Enhanced Metafile).  This will provide you with a graphic image, but unfortunately, many applications do not offer the Paste Special option.  When attempting this approach, make sure you have paste special which may not be available if you copy with Ctrl-C vs. taking the Edit > Copy path to acquire your image.  If neither copy approach leads to paste special, you are much better off taking one of the recommended publication paths to avoid the embedded OLE objects you get by default.

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