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Desktop Client: My Template file is not in the folder (directory) I wanted to save to

You may choose to create a template, which is a customized starting point for your diagrams. Using the File menu, choose Save As, and choose "iGrafx Template" as the "Save as type."

When you choose to save an iGrafx document (file) as a Template, iGrafx will prompt you with whether you want it stored in the location you specify, or in a default location that will show up under a "Personal Templates" tab. The message you will receive is something like the following:

"By saving your template file in the default template directory, it will automatically appear in the New From Template dialog box. Do you want to save this template in the default template directory? Yes [or] No" 

If you answer "Yes" to this question, the file will be stored in a location that will show up under the "Personal Templates" tab of the New From Template dialog box, instead of the folder or directory that you specified. [For example, on Windows 7, the file might be saved in C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates, where <name> is the currently logged-on user.]

Please answer "No" if you want the template saved to the location you specify. If you specify a location that matches the "Common Templates" folder, then iGrafx will automatically show the template under the Common Templates tab when creating a new file from a template.

If you do not store the template in the appropriate location, it may not show up in the "New From Template" dialog box at all.

Also, please be aware that there is a concept of a "InMenu" directory contained within the common template directory. If you place a template in the "InMenu" directory, then it will show up in the File > New menu for the different types of diagrams. This can be convenient for frequently used templates.

See the iGrafx Help system (Help menu > iGrafx Help)  for more help on templates.

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