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Desktop Client: msiexec - transforming table error during installation

If you try to install an iGrafx Client application with a transformation of the admin installation (e.g. to install iGrafx via Admin install in German language), you may receive a transforming table error.

This is because you cannot perform an admin install with a transform. So you need to first create an admin point with "setup /a." Please see the iGrafx Installation Guide.

Note: If you are trying to install German, if the install image is created with "setup_de /a" then the only difference is the UI of the installer will be German. The simplest next step would be to push the installation via two msiexec’s (you may not find this in any Microsoft documentation):

msiexec /i setup.msi TRANSFORMS=setup_de.mst 
msiexec /i setup.msi ADDDEFAULT=ProcessCentralClient

where 'setup' uses the path to the admin point you created. If other features are needed as well, they can be added with ADDDEFAULT too. The list should be separated by commas.

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