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Desktop Client: Installation Error 1325 : not a valid short file name

When installing iGrafx, you may receive the following error message:

"Error 1325: <name> not a valid short file name" (where <name> is the user folder under the shared folder).

The problem is most likely that the "User Shell Folders" (Personal) is set to a network server shared folder and the NTFS permissions on the shared folder (e.g., "users$") are set to No Access for the user doing the install. If the user folder name (e.g., "alongusername") is longer than 9 characters, when the installer does a disk space check, MSI makes a call asking for the disk associated with the shared folder and returns an error instead of available disk space. 

The options to address this problem are:

  1.  Set the permissions to the Shared folder (i.e., "users$") to Read (or modified "advanced" read like rights), but each User folder remains only accessible by the specific user.

    Note: For 'advanced' read-like rights, the following information may help you understand the issue and what you might change: The \\<server>\home$ share may not allow "Domain Users" to list contents of the root. The users may only have permissions to their own subfolder of that root. So, for example, 'testuser', can access \\<server>\home$\testuser, but could not access \\<server>\home$ (access denied). If this is the case, try giving the group "Domain Users" special permissions on to the root home$ folder applied to "This Folder Only" and remove checkboxes on "read permissions" (so they only have "read attributes", and "read extended attributes" to that one folder only, and not subfolders as that would be a security issue. This change should allow the Microsoft installer (and particularly GetVolInfo() functionality) to work, without allowing the user to see information beyond what they need for installing.

  2. Change the User folder to be 8 characters or less.
  3. Create an Admin account local to the machine which does NOT have a "redirected" profile, log on as that user to do the install, then log back on as the desired user.
  4. Change the registry for "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders" - "Personal" key to point back locally with something like a value of "%USERPROFILE%\Documents". 
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