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Desktop Client: I'm having problems printing; how do I figure out what's wrong or get help?

This is a generic problem-solving overview for printing (and other problems), and our Knowledge Base has more specific articles on known printing issues that you may find helpful as well.

If you are having problems printing, please consider the following questions and factors:

  1. Is this the first time that you have had a problem printing from iGrafx? If so, please see if you can reproduce the issue; does trying to print again from the same machine cause the same problem?
  2. Do you have a default printer configured? iGrafx assumes that you have a default printer and uses that information for many different operations. Please ensure that a default printer is configured (check in your Printers from the Windows start button, and ensure one of the printers has a 'check' (tick) mark over it to indicate it is the default). Please also ensure your printer has the latest drivers and is working properly. Please change your default printer to a different printer, and see if you can print from that printer.
  3. Can you print without error from other applications such as Microsoft Word? If all applications are having troubles printing, then this is likely a configuration issue (such as a problem with the default printer, a network problem, or an old printer driver). Please check with your IT support, or debug the Windows printing environment if you have permissions and knowledge to do so.
  4. Does this problem happen on all of your files, or only the one you noticed the problem on? If other files do NOT have problems, it's possible that you need to update your printer drivers and/or your version of iGrafx.
  5. Does the problem happen to other people using iGrafx, or on other machines with iGrafx installed? If the problem does not happen to other people (particularly not with your file), then this is most likely an issue with your environment, and doing a repair install on iGrafx, and/or updating printer drivers, to the latest iGrafx version, and/or ensuring you have the latest Windows Service Packs may help.

If none of the solutions above applied-- or if you are regularly seeing printing problems, or even where iGrafx is abnormally terminating ('crashing') and creating a 'log file'-- it's possible that it is one of the following possible causes (some are repeated from above in more detail):

  1. Your installation of iGrafx has a problem. Try doing a repair install on your software. If that doesn't work, you may want to try uninstalling and re-installing the software. You need to have Administrative permission to install software, so you may need to have your IT Administrator do this.
  2. Your computer environment is creating a problem. Ensure you have the latest drivers, service packs, etc. that are supported and allowed by your organization. For example, if you do not have the latest video driver for your computer, iGrafx can behave erratically or even crash. Ensure that the latest video driver is loaded. Ensure you latest printer driver is loaded. Again, you may need to have your IT Administrator do this.
  3. You don't have the latest iGrafx release that fixes some problem creating the crash. To check to see whether you have the latest version, from the Help menu, choose Check for Updates. You will be informed what version you have, and whether an update is available. While the latest update may or may not solve your particular problem, it's a good idea to have the latest version loaded if your IT department supports you moving to a later version. To install the update you must have proper permissions to install software on your machine, so your IT Administrator may need to do this.
  4. You have performed some sequence of steps, or have created iGrafx diagrams, in such a way to cause the program to crash or to not print properly. If you've tried the above steps to ensure an up-to-date, correct environment (latest drivers, latest iGrafx, etc.) and are still having the problem, then please contact Support (via our Service Desk at
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