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Desktop Client: How to customize the activity box that it can be selected from the toolbar (VSM)

Customizing the shape in the library (on the Toolbox toolbar), if necessary:

  1. AFTER you have adjusted the data sets (etc.) that you want to have, click to open the Shape Library

  2. Select the shape to customize, click Edit, and edit the characteristics you want to customize, including clicking Properties if you want to set a certain "Data Set" for a Lean VSM shape:

    (Creating (and disseminating) a template)

  3. You can save as a template the file that has the settings, look-and-feel, shapes, etc. that you want. Go to the file menu, choose Save As, and choose iGrafx template format
  4. Use 'Symbol' button and the 'Fields' tab in the shape properties when editing the shape library.

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