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Desktop Client: How do I show more data on the Lean VSM timeline?

You can add data to the timeline in an iGrafx Lean Value Stream Map (VSM) timeline.

For example, you want to show the Production Time; or how long it takes to produce a part on average, when your actual ability to produce is taken into account. The Production Time is what the Work Balancing graph shows, and is the Processing Time after applying the effect of parallel Operators, operator Availability%, and the Defect%. Production Time is calculated by using the formula (from the iGrafx Help's Lean Data Reference): "Processing Time / ((100 - Defect%) * (Operators * Availability%))"

To add Production Time to your Lean VSM (add the data field to your shapes and to the timeline), do the following:

  1. Double-click on an Activity to display its Properties
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click New
  4. Type in a name of 'Production Time' (or whatever)
  5. Choose 'Production Time (Calc.)' from the Lean Types drop-down list
  6. Choose any display options (e.g. whether you want the calculated value to show up in the data box or not)
  7. Click OK
  8. From the Lean menu, choose Value Stream Map Properties
  9. Click the Timeline tab
  10. Click Add
  11. From the drop-down, choose Production Time
  12. Choose how you want it displayed and/or summarized (e.g. on the timeline or not)
  13. Click Add
  14. Click OK

You'll now have Production Time, as well as the VA and NVA elements of Processing Time (e.g. 'Total C/T'), showing up on your Timeline.

You can use the method above-- ensure it's data that you have Setup for iGrafx to know about, and add it to the timeline-- for any data you define.

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