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Desktop Client: How do I restrict (prevent) printing from an iGrafx document?

You may prevent someone from printing the contents of a diagram from within iGrafx by placing the content on a layer that does not allow printing.

From the Arrange menu, choose Layers and then Layer Manager. Uncheck the 'Printable' box and the active layer will no longer be printable within iGrafx.

If you want to prevent the layer protection from being edited, you must either:

  1. Password protect the file. From the Tools menu, choose Protect Document. To edit the diagram again, from the Tools menu, choose Unprotect Document. Note: You may need to save the file before it can be unprotected. Do NOT forget the password for the document, we cannot retrieve the password if you have forgotten it!
  2. Make the file readonly (e.g. in the Windows operating system) for whomever is opening the file (document) in iGrafx and viewing the content.

See the iGrafx Help system (Help menu > iGrafx Help) on Layers (and/or Protect Document) if you need more information. 

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