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Desktop Client: How do I override (replace) the built-in diagram type template with my own?

This solution assumes you are familiar with creating templates, and that you have appropriate permissions and/or company approval to customize your iGrafx installation.

You can override several iGrafx diagram types by saving files into the Personal Templates folder/directory with the appropriate file names as shown in the list below. The Personal Templates folder may be determined by going to the Tools menu, choosing Options, and then clicking the Files tab. After any modification to the contents of the Template directory, you must exit iGrafx and re-start the software to affect your changes.

Diagram Type

File name to override default

Cause and Effect diagramcauseandeffect.igt
Lean Value Stream MapLeanvsm.igt
Basic Diagramdefault.igt
IDEF0 (A-0)(See the IDEF0 Help)


1. Any custom templates you place into the Personal Templates folder will also be available in the File > New dialog box.

2. The IDEF0 menu is only available if iGrafx IDEF0 is purchased. 

3. The location where the built-in templates are stored changes based on which iGrafx version you have installed. By default, the folder where English templates resides is:

"C:\Program Files\iGrafx\Pro\<version>\Template\1033" (32-bit operating system) or
"C:\Program Files (x86)\iGrafx\Pro\<version>\Template\1033" (64-bit operating system)

 Where <version> is the major version of iGrafx; e.g. 16.0.

The path above assumes you installed iGrafx to the default location. If you installed to another location, you must use that location for saving templates to. In that location, locate the "Pro\<version>\Template\<language>\" folder; where '<version>' is the product version (e.g. 14.0) and '<language>' is the standard 'LCID' number assigned by Microsoft for the language you've installed (e.g. 1033 for English). 

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