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Desktop Client: How do I make Web (Java, HTML, SVG) Published Diagrams Available?

Once you have published your iGrafx diagram(s) to a Web format, using the File menu's Publish As Web Page command, you will have many different files created.

You can make these files available through several methods:

  1. Place them in a network share or in a folder on your local disk that is shared on the network,
  2. Place them on a web server, and/or
  3. Email them.

We recommend options 1 or 2. Regardless of the option, ensure you have all the files created by the publishing operation (there will be many files) before you move, copy, or email them.

Note that you do not need to use option 2; as long as the correct file is double-clicked on by the user, their default web browser will display the web page appropriately.

Please also note that you may publish to other formats, including PDF and Microsoft Office (Word document or PowerPoint Presentation).

To email the files, you may first want to compress (zip) them into a single file. To zip a file, you can either use a commercially-available zipping program such as WinZip, or simply select the files (or folder) to zip, right-click on the selected files/folders, and choose Send To and then Compressed (zipped) folder. However, if you zip the files for emailing, please be aware that some email firewalls now prevent zipped (.zip) files from being emailed, and your zip file may not reach your email recipients.

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