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Client: How do I get an activity to cross a swimlane boundary?

To get an activity to cross a swimlane boundary, use the Ctrl (Control) key, as follows:

  1. Select the shape (click on it).
  2. Press and HOLD the Ctrl key.
  3. Place your cursor over a dark square at the bottom (or top) of the selected shape. The cursor changes to a rectangular shape with a line through it.
  4. Press and HOLD the (left) mouse button.
  5. Drag (move) the mouse until the shape crosses a swimlane boundary.
  6. RELEASE the MOUSE button FIRST, then release the Ctrl key.

Once you have caused a shape to cross swimlane boundaries or borders, you can now cause it to cross more borders without having to use the Ctrl key; using the Ctrl key with the steps above will also work. 

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