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Desktop Client: How do I get a Link Event shape on a line in BPMN (it's not in the palette)?

The page linking in iGrafx can be automatic or manual.

To turn on automatic connectors for any line that crosses a page boundary:

  1. Go to the Format menu, and choose Diagram
  2. Click on the Offpage Connectors Tab
  3. Check Automatic Connectors. Choose if you want page numbers included.
  4. Click OK. This will automatically place the link icon on any lines that cross a page boundary.

If you want to place an off-page link or connector explicitly on one line, whether crossing a page boundary or not, then do the following:

  1. Select a line (click on it; hold the Shift key down to select multiple lines)
  2. From the Format menu, choose Line and Border

Note: You may combine steps 1 & 2 for a single line by right-clicking on the line and choosing Format.

  1. Click on the Arrows and Crossovers tab
  2. Check the 'connector' box in the lower-left corner of the dialog box
  3. Click OK.

This will place a Link Event connector on the line(s) selected.

Starting in iGrafx 2011, when you right-click the link event connector, you may choose "Go to <page>" where <page> is the page where the source or destination of the line connector is.

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