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Desktop Client: Errors on repository documents with long pathnames

When using the Client with the iGrafx platform, it is possible that operations on very long pathnames or filenames can generate errors. If the length of the path to a file, including the Client Local Repository Folder (set in Client tool, Repository Options dialog), the folders the file resides in, and the file name itself is longer than the length that the operating system (Microsoft Windows) or your database (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server) allows, then various errors are likely to occur.

For example, the following symptoms may occur on very long filenames and/or pathnames:

  • In the Client Repository explorer window, if you attempt to view a document where allows, you may receive error 8x80050a32.
  • In the Setup Scheduling dialog when managing cycles, you may receive error 0x80040e21.

Workaround/solution: Shorten the path and/or filename. You may do so by placing it in a folder that is not in so many other folders, and/or by shortening the names of the folders or file.

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