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Desktop Client: Error message "The current installation of iGrafx has either failed or been damaged. Please reinstall."

It's possible that you have a license key or a rights problem; the message given may indicate that the iGrafx software is unable to read the license keys. 

Please ensure the following is the case: 

  1. During installation, you have full administrative rights to your computer. It is necessary to have the proper permissions to install iGrafx, including rights to the Windows registry. If you are running iGrafx and are not an administrator, you must have full read access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) and full read/write access to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) branches of the registry.
  1. You are using the correct license keys (typically a product license key, and an 'activation' license key).
  2. You are using a supported operating system version for your version of iGrafx. You can check system requirements, including os version on the website; e.g. at
  3. You have not edited the registry, or used some registry editing program that may have damaged the registry.

Note: In general, we do not recommend that you edit the registry, as severe problems can occur from improperly editing the registry. If you decide to edit the registry, ensure you backup and can restore your registry before you edit it. The Microsoft knowledge base has more information on backing up and restoring the registry.

If you meet all of the criteria above, then please try uninstalling and then re-installing the iGrafx software. 

If you still have problems, it's possible that you may have received a bad copy of the iGrafx software from somewhere. Please contact iGrafx about the error and what you have tried (and that you have confirmed the items above), and we may be able to provide further assistance. 

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