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Desktop Client: Does iGrafx have a template for a PACE Prioritization Matrix (Pick Chart)?

Yes, iGrafx provides a template to create a Pick Chart, also known as a PACE Prioritization Matrix. The template helps identify areas by placing items in a quadrant based on whether it has a Big or Small Payoff, and whether it is Easy or Hard to Implement. The Pick Chart name is common among Six Sigma circles, while PACE may be more common among Lean circles.

The PACE terminology comes from the location of the item after it has been placed in the quadrants:

P = Priority (Big payoff, Easy to implement)

A = Action (Small payoff, Easy to implement)

C = Challenge (Big payoff, Hard to implement)

E = Eliminate (Small payoff, Hard to implement)

The Pick Chart or PACE priority matrix diagram is typically used with Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to help prioritize next steps from Kaizen events, or in Six Sigma Projects. It can, however, be used for any sort of prioritization in any improvement effort.

iGrafx also has a 'Prioritization Matrix' template, and this template is closer to a 'Cause and Effect Matrix' commonly used in Six Sigma methodologies, and uses a sheet component (like a spreadsheet) that can be linked with process steps and measures to weight certain criteria. This can allow an analysis of Key Process Input Variables (KPIV's) related to Key Process Output Variables (KPOV's) in a matrix format.

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