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Desktop Client: Does iGrafx client run on Apple (e.g. Macintosh/Mac, iMac, iPad) devices?

iGrafx client tools are tested and supported to run on any hardware that is ”natively” running Microsoft Windows. This means that if the machine “boots” to Windows, and there is no other operating system running or being interacted with, iGrafx will run on it.

Some Apple devices (e.g. Macintosh computers) will boot to Windows, and that environment should work to run iGrafx.

While some Apple devices (e.g. the Mac) do have the ability to run PC emulation software, that will allow you install and run a copy of a Windows OS, we do not support PC emulation for running iGrafx software on your Apple device. Even though you have Windows installed in your emulation software, and you will be able to install and run iGrafx in that environment, it is not officially supported.  

The iGrafx Platform runs on multiple platforms. See Datacenter System Requirements for details.

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