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Desktop Client: Can Multiple Processes in the Same File be Simulated? How about across files?

This article applies to iGrafx Process and iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Client tools

iGrafx clients with simulation capability can simulate all, or only some, of the Process (or BPMN) type diagrams in a single iGrafx file.

Each of the processes can be simulated in a file given that they have a defined Starting Point for transactions to enter the process, and that the proper modeling information (task duration time, resource usage if any, decision percentages, etc.) is specified.

For processes linked to each other in a hierarchy (e.g. by selecting the "Subprocess" activity type from the Process Guide page of the Properties dialog box), the transaction will enter the subprocess in the shape defined to be the starting point for that process diagram.

You cannot simulate across files (documents); the processes must all be within one file to be simulated.

If you have the iGrafx Platform:

If you have the iGrafx Platform, you can 'share' diagrams from one file into another file, so that when the master file is checked out, the diagrams shared into the master are included in that master file, and thus all diagrams are in one file and can be simulated.

However, if you simply want users to be able to easily navigate through a hierarchy of processes stored in different files, you should use the linking capability (from the insert menu, choose link) and not sharing. The repository 'Share Into Active Document' command is intended to be used when you must share simulation modeling information from many different files into one master simulation file/model.

See the iGrafx Help system (Help menu > iGrafx Help) for more information. For example, the topic on "Process Mapping, Modeling and Simulation" as a starting point.

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