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Desktop Client: Can I use older repositories with the latest iGrafx Client?

While you can sometimes use the latest iGrafx Client with an older repository, we do NOT recommend, nor support, having the latest major version of the iGrafx client software edit data in repositories that are also being edited from iGrafx clients of an earlier version. This configuration should be a "stop gap measure" only as you work to upgrade ALL clients to a later (or the latest) version.

In addition, it is best to upgrade the version of the repository itself once all clients have been upgraded. We do NOT recommend running in a mixed-version environment. Please see our On-premises Installation Guide for more details.

There are various reasons to not run in a mixed version environment. For example, iGrafx Documents (.igx files) edited in the latest iGrafx version, and checked back into repositories, will NOT be readable by earlier versions of iGrafx. In addition, if the Resource Model is edited with a later version, it may not be usable by earlier versions. We strongly recommend that customers upgrade all clients using specific repositories to be all at the same version of iGrafx to avoid data incompatibility issues.

If you desire to evaluate the latest version of iGrafx prior to upgrade deployment, we recommend that you make a copy of any desired repository documents, create a new repository in the latest version you are evaluating, and add the files to the new repository for evaluation of the latest iGrafx features in the new client.

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