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Client: Can I delete the iGrafx installation files that I downloaded from the iGrafx website?

After successfully installing iGrafx, you may delete the folder containing installation files (e.g. C:\igrafxXXXX) if you are sure that you will no longer need the installation files. Keeping these files is like keeping an installation CD copied on your hard drive.

However, the file space required to retain them is not significant with today's computing resources, and we there are users who for one reason or another had to rebuild their "new" computer. Saving these files, and the software keys in electronic form with them, is an excellent and strongly suggested idea.

Short of some calamity, if you ever need to do a Modify or Repair installation (e.g. from Control Panel - Add/Remove programs), then you may be asked for the installation files. You might want to do a Modify installation to, for example, load a full set of shape palettes. You might want to run a Repair installation if you are having problems with your installation, and a Knowledge Base article or an iGrafx Support representative suggests a repair install.

If you did not have these files available, you might have to re-download them, or uninstall the iGrafx application and then re-install a later version if your specific version is no longer available for download. (We will not redistribute installation files for versions earlier than the most recent two!) 

Please keep a copy of installation files and software keys in a safe place!

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