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Client: Can I convert my Lean VSM diagram to a Process diagram (or vice-versa)?

While there is no automatic conversion between the Lean Value Stream Map (VSM) and Process type diagrams, there are methods you may want to consider if you want to take material/process flow from one type of diagram to the other. 

The process type diagram cannot be automatically 'converted' to a value stream map (VSM), or vice-versa. They tend to use fundamentally different types of data, and a VSM does not have the connectivity (particularly with supermarkets, kanban posts, etc.) that a process diagram needs. 

You can, however, copy and paste objects between diagrams. So you could select the steps of a process, choose Edit > Copy (or Ctrl+C), go to a VSM, choose Edit > Paste (or Ctrl+V) and the shapes (and anything else selected/copied) would be pasted in. The new shapes in the VSM (or vice-versa) will have the correct properties available, but will not have the data filled in. Please be aware that a process type diagram does not use the 'standard' VSM shapes, and that any process modeling data (such as task durations) entered would not be visible/used in the Lean Data, as the Lean Data uses different fields to capture information. The reverse is also true; any Lean VSM shapes copied and pasted into a Process type diagram will not have the data in the desired fields for modeling and simulation. 

If you do not want to copy-paste shapes from one diagram to another, please remember that it is quick and easy to create any type of diagram in iGrafx, and you can create a new Lean VSM or Process map from the data that you have.

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